Welcome …

….to our world of "beautiful things" - all circling around interior ambience.

The aim….

…. is to present a selection of superior items, carefully crafted, to achieve a symbiosis
with the environment of the given project, enhance and complement the architecture and
the interior design.

The designs….

….extraordinary and unique--tailored to the customers whishes.

The materials….

….we know the sources! From the whole scope available, we select the best, to meet our
interpretation of quality, in order to realize your expectations in respect of appearance, durability and long lasting.

The service….

...we accompany you from the beginning till the end. We understand ourselves as partners,
counselors and treasurers of your project - and, the increasing list of our clientele proves,
that our emphasis on service is not only serving you….

The limits…

...the following pages can only show, what we have done for our customers so far  -  this
does not mean, that this is it…. The limits of what can be done by us, are set by you!

Your creativity is our measure -
enjoy yourself …!

Your opinion is important to us  -  please feel free and tell us
how you like our trees and products.

contact: info@asianplants.com

The Asian Plants Market
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